About Our Organization

We invite you to join us as we focus on ways to better our school for everyone in it

We are parents, working together to support our school, the principal, and teachers. Through our meetings, events, and other activities, we create a sense of community with families and faculty.

PTO Board Members

Name Position Email Cell Phone
Kelly Simmers President kelly.mika@gmail.com 706-255-0449
Jessica Sellers Vice President
Karen Hunt Secretary
Cadey Eastman Treasurer
Eileen Speace Treasurer
Michelle Fletcher Advisor to the Treasurer
Claire Dickson Volunteer Coordinator
Erin West Membership
Carrie Molinari Membership/Volunteer Clearance
Sheila Rice Past President
Regan Cartwright Partners in Education
Monica Kohn Communications
Amy Yorio Member At Large
Robbin Bray &

Joanna Leivent

Apparel-  Assist in the sales and distribution of Ocean Palms apparel and spirit items.  Spirit items are sold and distributed at orientation and all student-based events. 
Susan Samko Press Parent
Pam Riley Press Parent

Committee Chairs

Name Position Email Cell Phone
Amy Maughan &

Beata Engl

CAAP (Children’s Art Appreciation Project)- Chairs recruit and train the volunteers who work in the classroom with famous artwork prints presenting them to the students.   Prints are stored at PVPV.  The volunteers are responsible for retrieving and returning prints to PVPV after use.
Kristen Gavazzi Art to Remember
Erin West Box Tops-  Volunteers collect Box Tops from their classroom throughout the year, ensuring the Box Tops are correctly cut out and properly counted for submission to the chair.  The chair is then responsible for submission of all Box Tops to ensure proper credit is given to the school.
Halina Miller &

Sherin Sheen

Spring Family Night Chair- This is a fun opportunity to socialize with other OPE families.  Volunteers will organize and run the spring family night, including menu/catering, activities, etc.  If you like to plan parties, this is the role for you!
Madhu Prakash &

Jackie Pennella

Book Fair (FALL & SPRING)- Week long sales of children's books held in the fall and spring.  Volunteers are needed to assist children in selecting and buying books and set up and take down of the fairs.
Jackie Pennella Otter Run Chair-If you want to help get our kids healthy and fit while helping raise money for the school, this is the committee for you! Each classroom will have an Otter Run coordinator whose responsibilities include keeping your class informed via emails, determining a class theme and decorating a team flag with the help of the students, data entering donations from the class, organizing snacks for the day of the run, and being available on Otter Run Day.
Stacey Mayer, Sonia Thomasiano  & Stephanie Fannin Fall Family Night Chair- This is a fun opportunity to socialize with other OPE families.   Volunteers will organize and run the fall family night, including menu/catering, activities, etc.  If you like to plan parties, this is the role for you!!
Karen Hunt &

Robbin Bray

Groovin Co-Chair- This adult-only event has 2 co-chairs - one to handle the business aspect - securing auction items, etc. and one to handle the creative aspect - invitation, decor, menu etc.   Committee members will work with live/silent auction, decorating and set-up, invitations and responses, sponsors and entertainment.
Fifth Grade Celebration- Organize and run the end of the year party for the 5th grade graduating class.
Stacey Mayer Staff Appreciation- Each day will have activities and treats for the faculty and staff to acknowledge them for all their hard work throughout the year.   Volunteers will help plan and execute the days' events.
Stephanie Marciani Spirit Rock Coordinator
Joanna Leivent Candy Drive for Troops / Flag Display-Students are asked to donate their excess Halloween candy for Treats for Troops.  Committee members will help coordinate the collection of the candy and delivery of the candy to Operation Gratitude. In addition, the chairs/committee coordinate the placement of American flags in the front of the school by the OPE students to show our support for veterans.
TBD Lunch Bunch- With the increased number of children in the cafeteria for lunch, the PTO has created the Lunch Bunch to assist the kids in grades Kindergarten through 2nd with opening packaging and juice boxes, reminding the kids to stay seated, etc. to ensure an orderly lunch room period.  Brief training will be provided.  We will be assisting throughout the year so it is a great opportunity to be in the school and volunteer with the kids when you can.  We will need three (3) volunteers when kindergartners are in the cafeteria and two (2) volunteers when the 1st and 2nd graders are in the cafeteria.
TBD Chip in For Youth- Fundraising opportunity where The Players golf tournament offers us the opportunity to promote the sale of a specific tournament ticket, where $25 of every $45 ticket purchased will benefit Ocean Palms. Volunteers are needed to coordinate the promotion of this program and the sale of the tickets which occur in March/April.
TBD Kindergarten Keepers – To assist the Kindergarteners as they become familiar with the dismissal process, the PTO in conjunction with the OPE staff help the kindergarteners get to their appropriate locations at the end-of-day for the first 10 days of school.  We have two (2) volunteers at the bus loop, two (2) volunteers at the carline, one (1) at extended day, and one (1) at the bikers/walkers location.
Proctor Volunteers – Assist in proctoring classrooms taking standardized tests in the spring

You can learn much more about our organization in person. Contact us to get involved.