CAAP Volunteers needed

The Children’s Access to Art Program is in need of volunteers for grades Pre-K thru 2!  CAAP is an Exclusive Volunteer Access Pass! to your kid’s classroom to present a 30-40 min art discussion and activity, about once a month. You can work with a friend! You can take turns! It’s fun!
CAAP/SCCP* enrollment is NOW! Be in the know, help shape the future of one of the BEST parent + classroom experiences OPE has to offer. Once you CAAP, you love going back!
Give a CAAP experience to your kids this year! For a list of teachers without CAAP volunteers, please inquire to Amy Parent
No CAAPs to give? Teachers without a CAAP volunteer may request one for their class! They will be placed in a rotation to receive occasional CAAP activities with a parent volunteer from another classroom. If you would like to help present a lesson, or if you are in need of a CAAP volunteer, please contact Amy Parent or your classroom parent.
*Children’s Access to Art Program Special Committee for Cool People 🙂