Otter Run

September 26, 2019
10 months ago.

2019 OTTER RUN Highlights

Ocean Palms PTO Raises Just Under $70,000 with Annual Otter Run

Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla. – The PTO at Ocean Palms Elementary School was off to the races with their annual Otter Run on September 26. Students, families, staff and local businesses came together to raise just under $70,000, which will help support the new playground and other resources to enrich students’ experiences at the school.

In fact, the event was such as success, that maintenance employee, Mr. Jerry, had to “sleep” on the roof of the school. That’s right, leading up to the event, fundraising goals were set to inspire the students, so when they reached their goal of $50,000, Mr. Jerry had to “sleep” on the roof—a testament to the community-wide support, including that of staff, for the fundraising event. As the school reached other fundraising goals, Mr. Jerry also had to dye his hair green, dress as jelly (assistant principal Mr. Morgan was peanut butter), lead a dance, and face a bucket of ice water!


1.       Ocean Palms Elementary School PTO raised just under $70,ooo with Otter Run committee chair Stephanie Fannin at the helm.

2.      Maintenance employee, Mr. Jerry, “slept” on the roof of the school when the school hit the $50,000 fundraising mark for the Otter Run.

3.      Faculty and staff, such as Mrs. Cantwell and Mr. Morgan, dressed as emojis for the run.

4.      Students raced to the finish at the Ocean Palms Otter Run!

5.      Teachers and students ran alongside each other to support Ocean Palms.

6.      Students take a break at the annual Otter Run.

7.      Mr. Jerry, dressed as jelly, faced a pail of ice water at the Otter Run pep rally.




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Thursday, September 26th

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