About Our Organization

We invite you to join us as we focus on ways to better our school for everyone in it.

We are parents, working together to support our school, the principal, and teachers. Through our meetings, events, and other activities, we create a sense of community with families and faculty.

PTO Board Members & Committee Chairs 2020-2021
-Chris Chaney/ President/ opeptopresident@gmail.com
-Stacey Mayer/ Vice President
-Kristin Lunsford/ Secretary
-Lorraine Dora/Treasurer/opetreasurer@gmail.com
-Lucinda Hunter/Treasurer/opetreasurer@gmail.com
-Cadey Eastman/Adviser to the Treasurer
-Claire Dickson/Volunteer Coordinator
-Erin West/Mambership
-Carrie Molinari/Membership & Volunteer Clearance
-Kelly Simmers/Past President
-Regan Cartwright/Partners in Education
-Joanna Leivent/Communications
-Jen Werba & Stacy Rendzio/Playground Project & Pavers
-Robbin Bray/Apparel/opeptopvb@gmail.com
-Lisa Farese/Press Parent
-Beata Engl/Children's Art Appreciation Project
-Christine Renew/Art to Remember
-Kate Reynolds/Box Tops
-Jessica Sellers & Lisa Farese/Book Fair
-Isil Sareyyupoglu & Ashley Black/Otter Run
-Sonia Thomasino & Brittany Darling/OtterPalooza
-Stephanie Marciani/Otter Rocks
-Ms. Pellegrino/Proctor Volunteers
-TBD/Spring Family Night
-TBD/5th Grade Celebration
-TBD/Staff Appreciation
-TBD/Chip in for Youth

You can learn much more about our organization in person. Contact us to get involved.